“Laugh A Little, 16 Photos That Show That Life Is Full Of Humor.

Life is full of unexpected situations, everyone would like every element of their existence to be perfect, but as soon as you turn a corner, you encounter the unexpected, but very often it is unexpected that a positive surprise is born. It is enough to be able to see on the bright side, to look around and to notice how everything around us can make us laugh.

Negative events can often turn out to be funny, and if at first they made you mad, in the end it all ends in laughter. Here are 16 photos that show just how humorous life can be.


Some Italian heroes rid pizza of pineapple. They are just trying to convey the real product.

2. Nap

This cat doesn’t want to get out of bed and just wants to stay asleep. The master may have tried several times to wake him up, but again he pulled the blanket at him.

3. Mirror

If the car’s rear view mirror should break, there is no longer a problem. This man has found the ultimate solution. Just use a normal mirror and attach it to the car.

4. Slime

Walking through the Brooklyn Museum, the moment you come across this vase with boots, you cannot remain indifferent, but your initial bewilderment will certainly turn into a fit of laughter.

5. The motorcycle

These people want to make grandma feel the wind in her hair while she rides the motorcycle. That’s why they pretend to speed down the road.

6. Little dog

After having washed and cleaned it, it wastes no time and immediately puts its muzzle in the mud: it seems to have a goatee.

7. Cats

You are sitting motionless on the sofa watching TV, when suddenly, from above, breaking the paper of the door, two kittens burst in and stare at you.

8. Bear

It’s definitely a situation where it’s hard to stay calm, but seeing a bear that looks like it wants to get into a car is certainly a funny sight. The important thing is to stay at the right distance.

9. Glasses

This dog seems to wear glasses, we could take him for an intellectual. On the other hand, it is only an optical illusion: two soap bubbles have stopped in front of his eyes.

10. Statue

A very particular and extravagant statue. The question for any passerby is “why would a banana wear skates?”

11. Sock

This sock simply fell to the ground, but took on a very peculiar shape. It looks like one of the statues on Easter Island, but looking closely at it reveals that it is actually just a piece of clothing.

12. Egg

A simple fried egg, which, however, as soon as you put it in the pan, takes on a whole new shape, resembling a ghost.

13. Armchair

This image raises several questions for the viewer: how did an armchair end up in the middle of a parking lot, but above all, why sleep on an armchair in the street?

14. Easter Island

This cat has chosen the right place to stand, it looks like the Easter Island statue has a hairpiece.

15. Driving

The kind of motorist you can trust, who knows how long ago he got his license?

16. Wheelbarrow

He decided to start working in the garden, but maybe when he bought the tools he went to the wrong department and went to the toy department. This wheelbarrow seems to be intended for children.

What strange situation have you encountered that made you laugh?

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