Lady Gaga Shows Her Less Glamorous Side: She Removes Her Makeup For Her Presentation

If we have to name a Hollywood star who is recognized for her bold outfits, expressive makeup, and incredible hairstyles, especially in her performances.

That is why her figure has always given us something to talk about, however, in a few years now, her style has changed from being extravagant to being more stylized and elegant, largely due to her facet as an actress, which It has given another perspective and way of expressing their tastes and trends.

Although, some of Lady Gaga’s looks will remain in the memory of many and in the history of fashion, the singer and actress has found the perfect balance to feel beautiful, powerful, glamorous but also dramatic.

Just a few days ago, the Born this way singer appeared at the Oscars and although her makeup reflected a bit of her personality, her dress was sober and unusual, compared to her previous looks.

Minutes after her red carpet appearance, Gaga took the stage without a drop of makeup, wearing a tracksuit and loose-fitting T-shirt. Only her voice and her presence stood out, causing shock and amazement to those present.

Sarah Tanno, her stylist, decided to reveal behind the scenes of the awards presentation, posting an image showing makeup remover wipes and cotton swabs filled with the artist’s makeup.

The message was powerful: Lady Gaga wanted to embrace her naturalness and beauty without so much production, and boy did she.

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