Kitten Born With Crossed Eyes Was Adopted Regardless Of Her Condition

Animals are not always accepted by their owners when they are born with defects. In fact, that is one of the main reasons when stories about abandonments are known. Since there are times when the family does not want to assume the burden of having to care for them and give them treatment. But the case of Rebecca Hardy was very different .

This 27-year-old caretaker has a cat named Mahri, who recently gave birth to a litter of 7 kittens . Only as time passed she realized that they had a strange condition . As reported, the young woman realized that the 7 cats were born with convergent strabismus . A condition where your pupils are slightly slanted inward, causing some vision problems. Some of these problems are that cats cannot identify some objects when they are far away. Which causes problems walking, running or even playing . A few months passed and Rebecca noticed that 6 of the 7 cats regained her vision and her eyes returned to normal .

However, there was one who was left with strabismus for the rest of her life . It’s about Red . Now this kitten got an adoptive family. Who wanted to stay with her no matter what her condition was. « She takes a little longer when she plays with her toys. But she is not so different from the others. She has incredible confidence for a cross-eyed cat ,” Rebecca joked about Red’s state. Apparently, the kitty doesn’t mind cross-eyed too much either, as she just keeps playing and jumping around like she’s not having any kind of problem. .

” When I get down in front of her, she jumps on my back and climbs onto my shoulders ,” she said. In fact, that got a lot of attention from many people who approached Rebecca about adopting her. In the end, a family already gave him a forever home . « As much as they are all perfect in our eyes, if you had seen her among her littermates, she was the funniest of hers. People want a perfect kitten, but the perfect is not always the best », closed the young woman.

Share this story with your friends and family. So that they see that animals that have a different condition from others also need to be cared for and loved.

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