Jason Derulo Breaks His Teeth Eating Corn In Viral TikTok Challenge

The fascination with TikTok seems to be global. Whether you adore or despise it, TikTok is here to stay and its popularity continues to grow.

Celebrities can also be active on social media and even participate in trending viral videos. Jason Derulo is one such celebrity who took his involvement in a viral video to an extreme level.

Viral video trends can lead us down various paths. Some can be enjoyable while others may pose risks. There have even been life-threatening trends on TikTok.

The trend that Jason did seemed innocent enough, but he ended up getting injured as a result. He lost a tooth, and it was interesting to see.

The singer joined the popular TikTok challenge of eating corn on the cob attached to a power drill. When the drill is turned on, the corn spins while you remove it from the cob.

Regrettably, Jason made a move that resulted in him losing a tooth. The corncob holder is visible in his mouth, and all of a sudden, he leans back to reveal his damaged teeth to everyone.

It’s clear that attempting this is a big mistake. It’s not safe to use power tools close to your teeth.

It surprised many people, but it turned out to be a prank. He enjoys sharing interesting things with his followers, and he has done it before.

He used to play pranks that sometimes resulted in a broken tooth. But after this challenge, he reappeared a few days later with all his teeth still in place.

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