Japanese Airline Accidentally Sells First-class Tickets At A Ridiculous Price

It often happens that we make mistakes in our work, without even realizing it. In some cases the error is easily resolved, in others it may seem insurmountable. However, when it is the employee of a very important company who makes this mistake, it can lead to a considerable loss of money.

This is exactly what happened to one of the largest airlines in Japan, which lost a huge amount of money because it sold first class tickets at a much lower price due to a currency conversion error. Let’s see in detail what happened.

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All Nippon Airways (ANA), one of Japan’s largest airlines, made a serious mistake when it published the ticket prices for the connection between Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia, and Japan, then New York and back . In fact, there was a marked devaluation in cost, with some customers getting a business class seat for $300 instead of $10,000. One person paid for a first-class round trip from Jakarta to the Caribbean via Tokyo and New York, just $890 (about 810 euros), while the original price was $16,300 (about 15,000 euros) . But how could such a thing happen?

The company itself explained that the error occurred on its Vietnamese website. This is all due to a currency conversion error . Initially, the airline said it would honor the tickets of those who booked during the issue. Later, it was decided that the decision whether or not to charge a supplement to those who had booked their flight at a significantly lower price would be postponed, but that all those who had taken their flight before this choice would not have had to pay. supplement.

Pexels – Not the actual photo

A “small” error, but which could have cost the whole company dearly, since a large number of tickets were sold at a price much lower than the original one: business class, whose prices vary between 8,300 and 10 400 dollars, was sold at an almost ridiculous price of 300 to 550 dollars.

What do you think of what happened? How do you think the airline should behave in this case?

source used:MSN

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