15 Photos That Confirm That Japan Is A Country Full Of Ideas And That The Rest Of The World Should Copy It.

It is no coincidence that many of the inventions at the center of our lives come from Japan: karaoke, the digital camera, the DVD, the electric rice machine and instant noodles. In addition to being a people devoted to technology, the Japanese people are also particularly attentive to citizen services , so much so that there are services here that cannot be found anywhere else.

Here are some examples of why Japan is a country that will never cease to amaze us with its creativity and inventiveness !

1. Fish are often found in the canals next to the streets: can you get an idea of ​​the cleanliness of the water?

2. In this hotel, there is a lamp that only illuminates the desired part.

3. In Japan, cleaning is maniacal: for example, wipes are offered to disinfect the screen of smartphones.

4. In a shopping center you will find these mini cold rooms, which store frozen products during the rest of your shopping.

5. In the toilets, there are child seats to keep the children while the parents use the toilet.

6. Chewing gums are sold with sheets of paper to prevent them from sticking to sidewalks or elsewhere.

7. In Japan, trolleys that follow the owner without being transported are already a reality.

8. The parking spaces reserved for disabled people are protected by a barrier: it is only possible to lift it by presenting a magnetic card certifying the disability.

9. There are stands to put your smartphone and take pictures in the viewpoints of the city.

9. At the entrance to these toilets there is a screen indicating which toilets are free and the type of toilet.

10. A relaxing foot bath during the train ride on the Yamagata Shinkansen.

11. There is a button on the taxi that tells the driver to slow down.

12. In some elevators there are toilets for use in case of emergency.

13. The flights of stairs are separated into two lanes, depending on the direction of travel: and everyone respects the signs!

14. A simple way to avoid staining your clothes with makeup.

15. Umbrellas left behind in stations or on public transport are offered free of charge to those who need them.

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