Mom goes to the bathroom to nurse her child, and a waitress slips her husband a note.

Jackie Johnson-Smith was treated to an unanticipated act of kindness while dining with her family at a pizza restaurant in Iowa.

She posted a photo of the restaurant receipt and wrote, “I have breastfed three kids,” on Facebook. I have taken care of them in many different places, both happy and sad. Even though I’ve gotten a lot of looks, tonight changes all of that negativity. It was my first time dining at Fongs tonight. I sat in the booth nursing my fussy baby for a while before leaving early to not bother the other customers.

The server handed the bill to my husband. I was too upset to speak. I shouldn’t need praise for feeding my child, but it was a great feeling. The letter ended with, “It’s incredible how women can support and empathize with each other.”

Waitress Bodi Kinney wrote the message, saying, “We should unite and help each other with breastfeeding our babies,” to KCCI 8 News in Des Moines.

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