It Was The First Childbirth Of 7 Children Who All Survived: A Photo Shows Them Happy 19 Years Later

In 1997, Kenny and Bobby McCaughey were preparing to become parents, but they soon discovered that they had not just one child, but 7! A multiple delivery that went well, and all of them managed to survive, becoming real stars…

…and now the 7 siblings, 4 boys and 3 girls, recently celebrated their 19th birthday. Discover their story with us.

At birth, all newborns weighed very little: the smallest weighed only 1.13 kg, while the largest came in at 1.5 kg.

When Kenny and Bobbi learned that 7 embryos were developing in the womb, they rejected selective reduction, even though doctors recommended…

…And so were born Kenny, Kelsey, Natalie, Brandon, Joel, Nathan and Alexis, the latter two with cerebral palsy, then resolved through surgery.

And here comes Michaela, the eldest daughter of Kenny and Bobby McCaughey, helping the mother feed the many younger siblings!

Here, the family reunited, ready to participate in a television program focused on their story!

All together! The three twin sisters lend a helping hand to big sister Michaela by helping her with her wedding preparations!

Parents will have to accept that their children become adults: they will soon leave the house, leaving a space (material and more) to fill!

source used: Today

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