Instead Of A Wedding, Couple Decides To Travel The World On Their Honeymoon

Sometimes people’s priorities are completely different from what one would think is normal. For example, the cycle or process that a couple goes through can be different for one or the other, some want to go the “right path”, so they decide to get engaged, get married and go on their honeymoon.

Ginafranco, 36, and Fanny, 34, are a couple who saved for two years to celebrate their wedding, however, in the end they decided to leave those plans behind and instead travel the world as if it were their honeymoon.

Initially they planned to invite hundreds of guests including their family and friends, but something motivated them not to do it, pack some things and travel without a specific destination to explore and thus live the experiences that a holiday could not give them.

Instagram @recuerdosdeviaje

“Our first option was to get married abroad, we planned to do it in the Holy Land. We had everything planned and quoted, but due to external situations they made us change our minds to avoid the stress of thinking that something could happen to us on the trip”, they commented.

Although they were civilly married on October 7, 2015, they preferred to do it in an intimate ceremony with a few witnesses and thus allocate their entire budget to long and well-deserved vacations in various countries in Asia and Europe.

Instagram @recuerdosdeviaje

For them, it was very vital to discover new flavors, cultures, traditions. Logistics plays an important role because they, being foreigners, must take into account the necessary documentation.

“Every trip is important and adds a lot to our lives. It fills us with memories, with moments. Of dreams fulfilled and of different realities that are known. This last point is particularly important because it allows you to be more aware of the different realities in the world. Every trip serves and contributes”, they commented.

Instagram @recuerdosdeviaje

Without keeping count, they traveled to more than 20 countries and discovered impressive corners, they also visited the most important tourist places in Europe such as France, Italy and Greece, as well as reaching exotic destinations such as Thailand, Cambodia and India.

They didn’t want to just remember their magical honeymoon, so they decided to create a blog and document every moment. Travel Memories is an Instagram account and YouTube channel, where they give advice and recommendations for those who want to visit those sites.

Instagram @recuerdosdeviaje

“Everyone chooses the best way to celebrate it. We have many travel memories, beautiful memories that we will be able to share with our future children”.

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