In Russia A Lion And A Tigress Were Crossed. This Is How A Baby ‘liger’ Was Born And It Is Very Beautiful.

A rare but very beautiful cross.

Baby ¨liger¨ has just been born and we are all very excited because the cross between a lion and a tigress has been exceptional, something historic, especially since there are very few in the world.

This event has taken place in the Rostov-on-Don region, in the south of Russia , and has been a total success, informed the director of the zoo, Erik Airapetian.

The “liger” is 2 and a half months old and they have decided to call him Tsar.

The zoo director has commented that from time to time the lion and the tigress became inseparable, they knew each other quite well and lived next to each other, so when the tigress came into heat she had no doubt who was the chosen one. .

The probability that a “liger” will be born is almost zero , so this birth has brought a lot of joy and happiness.

This species is characterized by having beige fur that is typical of lions and a muzzle covered in stripes, just like tigers. The little Tsar usually feeds on the milk of a goat that is also in the zoo. Until now, its size has not exceeded that of a cat, but as an adult its size will exceed that of its parents, according to experts .

It is possible that this strange species reaches 400 kilos, while the maximum weight of the lion is 250 kilos and that of a tiger is 300.

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