In 2018, Britain’s Got Talent was captivated by the WW2-era tunes performed by The D-Day Darlings.

The D-Day Darlings successfully auditioned for BGT 2018. Do you know what the “D” in “D-Day” means? It stands for “Day,” which may seem odd. On June 6, 1944, Tuesday, the Allies’ troops landed on Normandy’s beaches in France. This marked the beginning of the mission to liberate France and Western Europe from Nazi Germany’s forces. Despite extensive preparation and air support, the initial stages of the operation faced challenges.

Wikipedia states that 4,000 to 9,000 Germans died on D-Day. There were at least 10,000 Allied casualties, including 4,414 confirmed deaths. Katie Ashby founded the D-Day Darlings in 2008 not to dwell on the horrors of war, but to honor the resilience of the British during WWII. Dame Vera Lynn and other singers from that era provided hope and solace to soldiers and civilians alike, inspiring her tribute. Check it out.

Before the judges gave feedback, the video stopped. Alesha Dixon praised, “You’re honoring these people wonderfully.” Amanda Holden thought the band was “perfect for the Royal Family.” Simon Cowell described them as “beautiful.” It was a touching and classy performance. The D-Day Darlings were predicted to win the competition after their audition, as per BGT Wiki. If you liked their audition, you must watch D-Day Darlings in the semi-finals.

First, let’s gather more information about the team. Following their successful debut performances, the choir, originally a trio, grew to include nine members. Before joining BGT, D-Day Darlings performed at various venues such as the Royal Hospital Chelsea, The Black Country Museum, and the Imperial War Museum. They even participated in Royal British Legion Festivals of Remembrance. Additionally, they were available for hire for events with a 1940s theme. In total, they raised forty thousand pounds for the British Legion.

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