“I’m Too Beautiful To Take My Daughter To Nursery: Other Mothers Are Envious”

Envy is a feeling present in every individual. It has happened to everyone, at least once in their life, to want to be like someone else: to have the intelligence, the finesse or simply the physique of a friend or friend. But everyone is different, and that’s where the beauty of the world lies: in the variety. We must therefore accept ourselves as we are, and be aware that there will always be someone better or more attractive.

The woman in this story, on the other hand, is a mother aware of her own beauty, so much so that she claims that she can no longer accompany her daughter to the nursery, precisely because of her physical appearance, because the other mothers look at her . with envy and jealousy .

Lena Nersesian is a 31-year-old mom and model who lives in Los Angeles with her partner, Adam John Grandmaison, and daughter. On social networks she is famous and known under the pseudonym freelenatheplug , but above all she has a large number of followers, because on Instagram she has about 900,000. One of her videos has become very famous for having provoked reactions, because she explained that she had decided to stop taking her daughter to nursery because she was too beautiful and her physical appearance aroused the envy and jealousy of other mothers.

“When I take my daughter to school, other mothers look at me badly, probably because they are jealous of my beauty. They think that their husbands might fall in love with me. For this reason, I prefer not to take my child in the nursery .

She says people most likely have the wrong idea of ​​her world , pointing out that taking photos and posting them on her social media is a job like any other.

“I am a model, but my life is quite normal. I like to cook and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This way I manage to have a lot of free time, which I like to use for walks in the the park with my partner and my little one.”

Do you think her words can be true or did she convince herself?

source used: Irish Mirror

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