I’m Not Afraid To Leave Behind The Love That Broke Me

You broke my heart. But, I didn’t think that I would heal from it. I didn’t think that I would find the right combination of closure, and peace to fully move-on. I thought that u would be stuck in the lobe that you gave me. The devastation of our love failing was a trap for me. I though that i would keep thinking of your return and there’s no way of escaping from your memories. I thought that there’s no way of putting myself out there again. I never though that i can find a good love. I never thought that there’s strength in deep within my bones to move forward. But, now I’m ready to move from the love that broke me.

I’m not going to chase someone that wasn’t there and the lying. You was unable to see the love clearly, you wanted to disguise it as soon it never was. But now I’m ready to leave them all. I want to go into the dark and think what it feels like to fall in love again. The stories you never finished, the love you never gave to me is enough. I’m ready to move on. I’m ready to leave behind the love that broke me.

There could be many people who want to stay late into the night hours when the world gets dark, and life doesn’t make sense. There can be a person who can help me to heal and help me to see things that I’ve never seen before. I want to have the experience of a new love and I’m ready for it. As I’m tired of playing the victimI I am ready to dive into a world of self-acceptance, and awareness. I want to find the opportunities that are waiting for me.

I’ve decided now, that I’m worthy of good love that can stay with me. I’ll let go all the things happened with you and also i’ll stop replaying the scenes that happened in our love. I’m not thinking about it again and I accept that it wasn’t the relationship for me and that it wasn’t meant to last. I will never think of you and waste my energy as i did before for months. I will transfer all my energy to me. I’m ready to find myself. I’m ready to change the way that I am thinking of relationships with all the things that I’ve change. I am going spend hours on healing as I want to be the best partner. Hereafter I will just see our memories as memories. I am not think our relationship as a failure, but as two people who tried. I am not angry with you. I am ready to forgive you. I know that there are other people for you and for me as well. And finally I realize that life isn’t always a fairytale, and sometimes it’s really dark and scary. I trust that love can be beautiful for me again.

Finally, I’m afraid to let go. I’m afraid to not think about the way that you loved me or the way that you held me. But I will definitely move on. I want to grow. Even if I have no idea of where I’m going, I will keep walking forward. I am ready to find the best love which is meant to me that is whole and safe.

I’m ready to leave behind the love that broke me,

And find new love instead

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