If you are a baggage handler, here’s why you never should tie anything to your suitcase

Have you attempted to affix a colorful ribbon to the handle of your luggage to make it more noticeable? Prepare yourself for some exciting news that might make you rethink your decorating strategy!

It is a common desire for individuals to have their luggage stand out, particularly when searching for it among a multitude of similar bags in a bustling airport. To prevent any mix-ups and ensure the safety of our valuable belongings, many of us personalize our suitcases with tags, ribbons, and amusing stickers.

John, a baggage handler at the Dublin airport, argues that these decorations, while well-meaning, could actually create more problems than they fix.

It is important to acknowledge the need for personalizing our bags. Discovering that your suitcase is missing at the airport, blending in with other bags, upon reaching your desired destination can be quite frustrating. Certain individuals even opt to affix a GoPro to their luggage to track its journey.

Please consider John’s advice before embellishing your suitcase. While adding ribbons to the handles may help you locate your belongings more easily, there is a possibility of it backfiring. John’s statement was as follows:

If an individual attaches a ribbon to distinguish their luggage, it could potentially disrupt the scanning procedure at the baggage claim section. The gentleman mentioned that if the suitcase cannot undergo automatic scanning and requires manual processing, there is a risk of it not reaching the intended flight.

Please take into account that the scanner might have failed to accurately scan your bag, adorned with a lovely ribbon, resulting in it being overlooked for the flight altogether. It’s certainly not a risk worth taking, is it?

John recommends removing any expired stickers from your suitcase. These stickers could lead to confusion during the scanning process, potentially resulting in delays or misplaced luggage. While we appreciate the sentimental value of these travel stickers, it may be necessary to let go of them in order to ensure a smoother trip.

John also provided me with a useful suggestion: position the wheels of your suitcase facing upwards. By adhering to this simple advice, you can protect the wheels from damage and ensure that your suitcase remains problem-free.

For those who love baking or have a sweet tooth, it’s crucial to avoid carrying marzipan in your luggage. The reason? John explains that marzipan, made of sugar, egg, and ground almonds, has a density that resembles certain explosives. Yes, you heard that right. This could lead to a detailed inspection of you and your belongings, potentially causing you to miss your flight altogether.

Consider the inconvenience of having your baggage inspected and tested just because of a small quantity of almond paste. It’s not worth missing out on vacations due to marzipan!

It’s important to remember that, although it may be tempting to decorate your suitcase with a ribbon or personalizing it, it’s generally better to avoid doing so. This also applies to packaging delicate foods such as marzipan. By heeding these recommendations, your travels are likely to be more trouble-free and uneventful.

Let those ribbons stay at home and have a happy journey!

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