If this song gives you goosebumps, you might be an American.

Lee Greenwood’s classic song ‘God Bless The USA’ has remained unchanged since he first sang it. But now, it’s getting a fresh new twist with some amazing talent.

Lee Greenwood created a song that will always be remembered and cherished. Since its debut, the song has never lost its popularity.

It’s now a big part of American culture. People even think it could be like a second national anthem!

You can easily understand why Greenwood hasn’t changed the way he sings the song.

But teaming up with Home Free and the Air Force singers might mean trying something new.

The song will be sung without any instruments. The beat you hear is made by a person using their mouth.

So there will be lots of chances to try new things. The final product is a song that feels fresh even though it’s well-known.

It’s just as relevant now during tough times as it was when heard at sports games, rallies, and more.

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