If a person has these 6 habits, do not marry him!

Never Marry a Man If He Possess these Qualities

1. He doesn’t really listen to what you’re saying

If your man is in his own world and doesn’t wants to spend time with you having lovely conversations. Then this is an issue. If you have misunderstandings and if they are not sorted, this can lead to a very bad relationship. You man has to focus to what you have to say. He must listen to you and collaborate with you. Your man has to love your voice not his. To have a healthy relationship both of you must be very understanding, patient and also listen and respect what they say. And also argue sometimes. This shows that your man listens to you and has his own opinions to share with you. You have to find a guy who will add something to your life and make you feel very special.

2. They don’t trust you completely

Your man must trust you always. Whether you’re near or far. If he is second guessing about you all the time he doesn’t trust you at all. Your man should never ask questions from you. Such as, where were you this long? What do you do when I’m not with you? With whom did you go? Etc. When there are such issues your relationship can’t grow and you won’t have any freedom to do anything as you wish. Trust is the important thing in any relationship, in other words it is the foundation of a relationship.

3. He doesn’t do what he says he’ll do

Men should do whatever they promise you to do. If they don’t stay in their promise… what is the use of spending the rest of your life with a man who doesn’t care about you, who doesn’t keep promises. He may promise you to go out for dinner, but then makes out other plans with his friends and goes out with the. And he won’t matter what you will feel. If he only cares about his happiness. You must try to communicate about these issue and sort it out as soon as possible.

4. He hates kids

Kids are the most beautiful gifts you can have. Not only your own, but all the kids are very lovely and adorable. If you have a man who hate kids then must must think again and again. Are you with the right man? Will you lead a to a happy life. Once you get married you will love to have your child, but your man refuses to have your own child. How will you feel? Just think about it. Take your decisions wisely. Will he be a good Dad to your child?

5. He still flirts with other girls

A man must be 100% committed to you although you have given him freedom. He must only love you and should love to be around you. He should not chat with other girls in his spare time, in the bar or coffee shop etc. it doesn’t matter from what world are you’re from, flirty is not okay. Remember that. Your man should only be attracted to you.

6. He is constantly in competition with you

Does your man argue with you all the time and refuses to admit that he is wrong? No matter what you do, you’ll never win with someone like this. Instead of treating your relationship like a team that will conquer the world, he only wants to see you as his competition that he needs to beat. If you make more money than him, or beat him in a morning jog, he won’t be happy for you. Is this right? In those moments, the only thing that will shine will be his toxic energy. Relationships aren’t about competing with each other. It’s about overcoming challenges with each other. They’re about growing, supporting and cherishing the love you have for each other.

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