“I Quit My Teaching Job To Decorate Christmas Trees: I Earn $1,000 In Just Two Hours”

Some people look forward to the Christmas holidays to unleash their creativity. In fact, during the holiday season, towns and houses begin to be colored with various decorations, but the one that naturally attracts all the attention is the Christmas tree. The family gathers around it to decorate it as it should, so that every year it becomes the center of interest of the apartment.

However, there are also those who think decorating their home is too much of a hassle and would rather have someone else do it for them. With this in mind, this woman decided to quit her job and embark on a new profession, that of decorating Christmas trees . In three months, she wins for the whole year.


Amanda Ware is 43, lives in Bentonville, Arkansas, and has always loved Christmas parties. But what she likes the most is making decorations for her house and decorating her Christmas tree. However, she did not think she could turn this passion into a profession. The most surprising aspect is that it pays much more than her old job as a teacher, so much so that in three months she manages to earn enough for a year.


Amanda starts going around the houses to decorate the trees from November, but there are people who contact her well in advance and ask for her services as early as October. Each year, she makes a hundred trees, which she decorates with decorations purchased on her specialized website.

To decorate a tree, she works from two to five hours, depending on what the client requests, while prices can vary from a minimum of 300 euros to 1,500 euros , although there are exceptions, to so much so that once “I was asked to decorate a tree that cost 200 euros and had decorations worth 10,000 euros”.


Amanda has also explained in numerous interviews what is the best way to decorate a tree. First, it’s always better to use warm white lights, rather than colored lights, second, all the holes should be covered so that there isn’t a single bare corner, and finally, you should avoid the classic star as a crowning glory, which is now out of fashion, better a bow with flowers.

“My company sells what is needed for the Christmas tree. For now, we specialize in the most important holiday of the year. Our hope, however, is to expand the business to other holidays also”.

And you, do you enjoy decorating the Christmas tree or would you be happy to delegate this task to someone else?

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