“I Photograph The Innocent Moments Of Children With Animals” (20+ Pics).

Children are always carefree and innocent. Their cute little actions they make while they play, when they interact with someone else, when they see an animal feeling bad you can see their cuteness. They are carefully looking at the things we pose while in their presence. That’s why they are considered such an innocent creature. An award-winning photographer, Andrea Martini has depicted this innocence in some amazing children’s photos she captured with her camera.

Here are some photos of the simplicity, yet awe-inspiring, actions of children.


“I’m an international award-winning children’s portrait photographer in Beaver, West Virginia with eight years of experience in the field. I’m also a mom of four who loves animals.”

“There is something magical about the connection between children and animals, so I focus on capturing the innocence of the bond between them. Each image highlights this bond with a vivid, yet almost fairytale-like feel that’s both fun and creative.”

“I’m inspired by paintings, color, light, and my kids. I put a lot of work into every detail in my image—from the wardrobe and location to hairstyles. There is so much that creates the perfect image; even the tiniest detail can change a photo from good to amazing.”

“I shoot with a Nikon D750 and use a 35mm sigma art or 85mm 1.4 Nikon lens. I prefer to shoot mainly outdoors and love to find new locations with pretty light.”






























all images credit: Andrea Martini

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