I Invited 27 Children To My Daughter’s Birthday, But No One Came

For everyone, a birthday represents a happy day, which must be celebrated with a party. There are people who love to celebrate their birthday so much that they throw big parties. Usually, the guests are close friends, those with whom you want to share part of your life and all your successes.

A birthday should be a time of celebration for everyone, to spend with the people you love, but for this little girl, it wasn’t. In a video posted on her TikTok profile, the mother wanted to show how none of the guests showed up for her daughter’s birthday.

Brenna Strong is 27 and mother to 3-year-old daughter Avery. To celebrate her daughter’s birthday, she had chosen to organize a flawless party, every detail had to be perfect. She would have done whatever it took to make her little girl happy. The time set to begin the celebrations was almost upon us, the tables were set, the Frozen themed cake was ready and laid out for all to see. Unfortunately, of the 27 guests, none showed up .

Avery waited in vain for some of his pals and girlfriends to show up. Seeing her baby girl sitting alone at the table, Brenna, opted to grab her smartphone, record a video and post it on her TikTok page to show what was going on. In the video , we can see the tables set, the cake already on the table, but especially the little girl eating a slice of pizza by herself.

The woman insisted that she had “invited 27 children to Avery’s party, but none of his friends came”.

Many people reacted to the video. All sided with Brenna and Avery, pointing out that the behavior of those who didn’t show up was not okay at all, because when a commitment is made it has to be kept, but it’s mostly a sign of good manners than to warn that one cannot be present.

One of the users said, “If I’m invited, I feel obligated to go. I’m so sorry for the little one, she deserved a great birthday.”

What do you think ?

source used – https://www.tiktok.com/@breannamstrong

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