“I Earn €6,500 A Month By Making The Commissions That People Ask Me”

Everyone in their life hopes to one day find the job of their dreams, the one they dreamed of in their childhood. Unfortunately, we never know what surprises the future holds. That’s why, when you need a job to earn a living, you often settle for the first job you find.

The young Mexican we are going to tell you about, in order to have a stable income, started doing something unusual: she did simple, daily errands for people. In this way, she managed to save a considerable amount of money.

Her name is Vanessa Garcia, she is 28 years old and lives in Los Angeles. With a degree in biology, she chose to put aside her scientific career to fulfill her childhood dream of becoming an actress. It takes several years to earn a steady income from acting, so she first tried to find a way to earn money.

She found the solution thanks to the Taskrabbit website. Thanks to him, she managed to earn about $7,000 a month without giving up acting. Vanessa has always had many jobs, ranging from babysitting to tutoring and even working as a host for children’s parties. Although she worked hard, it didn’t fill her pockets enough. Everything changed when a friend of his told him about Taskrabbit, how he made money assembling Ikea furniture at home for anyone who asked.

“I wasted no time and signed up for Taskrabbit. I discovered that you could do so much more than just assemble Ikea furniture . There were all kinds of requests, from wrapping gifts to rearranging cabinets, personal assistance to organizing events . I started doing all these tasks on weekends. A few years later, I started to take full advantage of everything the application had to offer and signed up for all the jobs I knew I could do.”

Vanessa is able to earn $7,000 a month from this app; she transformed what started out as odd jobs into a real job. “I’ve completed over 1,000 tasks on Taskrabbit. Since you don’t have to meet a quota, sometimes I work seven days a week, other times only three. It’s all about flexibility and being able to choose when and for how long you can commit”.

What do you think, can this really be a job?

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