Hummingbirds Are Capable Of Seeing Colors That Humans Cannot Imagine

Through an experiment it was shown that both hummingbirds and other animals have the ability to see millions of colors that humans don’t even know exist .

The human eye has approximately 110 million individual cells divided into 3 types of cones and each one captures a different light (red, blue and green). These cells are located in the retina of the eye and are responsible for mediating and capturing the variations in wavelengths caused by the different light particles.

The brain receives the signal of each shade seen, processes it and results in color vision. It is not known exactly how many colors the human eye can capture, as it is a subjective experience. However, it is estimated that there are approximately one million different shades .

Hummingbirds can perceive many color combinations

This species, like birds, have a tetrachromatic vision system, made up of four kinds of cells specialized in capturing colors, one more type than the human eye. For this reason, they can perceive combinations such as ultraviolet and red, or ultraviolet and green . Colors that escape the electromagnetic spectrum visible to humans.

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