Home Pollution, Here Are The 12 Plants That Will Improve The Air In Your Home

The problem of air pollution is well known to all.

But even inside our homes, we can do something to improve the air quality: between the walls of the house, in fact, we find chemicals released by fabrics, plastics, cleaning products , the paintings. But don’t despair: a recent NASA study showed that certain types of plants can purify the home environment .

These are the ones.

The spider plant grows very well in the presence of sunlight. It absorbs formaldehyde, a chemical substance released by glues, paints and cosmetics.

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The Pothos is renowned for its remarkable capacity for resistance and adaptation. It captures formaldehyde and xylene.

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The dragon tree looks like a miniature palm tree and fights many pollutants.

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The ficus, in addition to being a beautiful indoor plant, cleans your room of benzene.

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To remove ammonia from interior walls, purchase moonflowers (Spathiphyllum).

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The rubber tree is an excellent barrier against carbon monoxide.

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Ferns require cold, humid environments: they can remove formaldehyde from closed spaces.

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Mother-in-law’s tongue: despite its name, it is very suitable for air purification.

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Aloe vera is great for releasing chemicals from the air.

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This dragon tree plant is also perfect for purifying the air.

image: ourhouseplants.com

Chrysanthemums free the air from benzene.

image: weberswholesale.com

Ivy, not always appreciated, has great power against Methanal!

image: MNN

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