20 Photos That Prove That Holland Lives In A World Apart.

Traveling to other countries is an experience that not everyone can have. In fact, very few people, despite what social networks, can afford to travel, compared to all the others who live in the same country. Those who do, however, regularly come back with a different view of how they left.

Surely you remember more than one who has told you “I can’t explain it to you, you have to live it” as if it were a spiritual retreat. The good thing is that thanks to the internet, even if it’s not at the same level, you no longer need to “go” to experience it and it’s thanks to the photos they share. Perhaps some edit them too much and totally lose the naturalness of the image.

That is why on this occasion we present you 20 images, taken by ordinary tourists, no “photographers” in disguise, like you or me who have shared the things that have surprised them about their trip, this time from the Netherlands, Holland or how you know him.

What image will be the one that leaves you thinking?

  1. The bike lanes are not a game here, if it is necessary, no matter how small, it is indicated according to the mobility laws.

19. The famous market in Amsterdam. It is here that you can buy all those quirky things that fall into fun collections.

18. Public toilets are a particular thing in this country. This has scared more than one tourist.

17. Holland is a land of tulips. A separate art is the decoration of flower fields.

16. In the last century, the Netherlands suffered from a huge increase in the price of gasoline, which led it to become a country that benefits more from public means of transport such as bicycles or the bus.

15. In the Netherlands, school buses are replaced by school bikes.

14. And this is what a covered bike rack looks like. Much of this transportation can be accommodated in a relatively small area.

13. A special bin for cyclists. However, if you don’t get it right, you will have to stop, because the fines are very expensive.

12. There are electric buses that do not need cables, they are quickly recharged at the stops.

11. The help desk is right on the tram to serve tourists who usually feel seasick.

10. The Netherlands and especially Amsterdam have huge land prices. Living in the water is totally normal.

9. And one more machine, but this one gives you the opportunity to bring flowers to your loved one.

8. Another vending machine now selling fresh chicken eggs.

7. This is not a beverage dispensing machine, but underwear.

6. Two shots of the same location one hour apart.

5. Just like the cashier a few stalls ago, there are a lot of tall people among the Dutch. Therefore it is possible to see two sets of buttons in an elevator so that everyone feels comfortable.

4. They prepare for Christmas with painted cinder block fences as gift boxes.

3. The Dutch have a very particular sense of design or humor.

2. Short people don’t have the best time in a country of tall people.

1. The stories that must have happened for balloons to be banned at Amsterdam-Schiphol airport.

Which image surprised you the most? Do you have photos of yourself of something from another country that has surprised you? Leave them in the comments! Share this note with your friends so they can see what it’s like to visit a country like Holland.

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