His Pizzeria Is On The Verge Of Bankruptcy: The Opinion Of An Influencer Changes Everything

Everyone in his life hopes to fulfill the desires of his childhood, but existence is full of obstacles and only perseverance can overcome them. Even once one has succeeded in achieving one’s dream, one must be careful not to let it slip away and to hold it firmly.

The man in this story has always dreamed of running a pizzeria since he was a child. Unfortunately, once he achieved his goal, not everything went as he hoped. Just when everything seemed to be falling apart, luck turned in her favor: an influencer wrote a positive review of her establishment and everything changed from that moment on.


Frank Steele has always dreamed of opening his own pizzeria since childhood. For 30 years he pursued this dream and finally succeeded in realizing it by opening his own establishment, the Frankensons, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. However, after achieving his lifelong goal, nothing was going the way he wanted, every day the customers were getting fewer and fewer.

This small family business was struggling to make ends meet. Then, luckily, one of its employees had a brilliant idea: why not use social media to spread the word about the pizzeria? This is how he decided to contact a famous influencer who publishes reviews of many restaurants on his profiles: Keith Lee, known under the pseudonym keith_lee125.


Keith accepted the invitation and one day he decided to go try the Frankensons menu. The first thing that struck him was the simple and cordial service . Despite the restaurant having fewer and fewer customers, Frank was friendly to everyone, undeterred and personally pampered his guests. When the influencer came in, the owner didn’t know who he was and served him in the best possible way, gave him advice on the choice of dishes and chatted with him.

Once back home, Keith posted a video on his profiles in which he criticized the dishes he tried. He pointed out that the taste of the pizzas was fantastic, unique in taste, he couldn’t understand how this restaurant could have so few customers.

“ Frank, from me to you, this is my review: my rating is 9.8 out of 10. Your food is fantastic, there is nothing to improve, everything is delicious and the service is amazing,” said the influencer in the video. From then on everything changed, after Keith’s criticism the Frankensons’ phone started ringing. Finally, the restaurant began to have the success it deserved.

What do you think ? Do you think it’s fair to put the fate of companies in the hands of an influencer?

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