People Are Posting Hilarious Photos Of Their Irish Wolfhounds

Irish Wolfhounds’ history dates back to 391 AD. Wolfhounds were used by the Gaels as hunting dogs, who called them Cú Faol (wolfhound) named for their mix. Even though they sound like the stuff of legends, they are known as sweet, affectionate, and sometimes silly dogs. The official World Canine Federation standards claimed that the desired height of this large dog breed is 32 inches (81cm) to 34 inches (86cm).

These big dogs are the tallest of all the American Kennel Club breeds. They are just loveable goofballs and t can be seen in the photos. Here is a list by Bored Panda of hilariously adorable Irish Wolfhounds. We have received these photos from our readers and some of them are found on the internet.

#1 Murphy At 8 Months, He’s Now 4 Years Old And 165lb

Even though it’s hard to believe this highly regarded breed almost went extinct. Irish Wolfhounds were primarily used for hunting in the past as when the number of wolves and elk in Ireland decreased at one point, they used this breed. Capt. George A. Graham believed that there were still a few Irish Wolfhounds left in Ireland when by 1800 the breed had thinned out. The captain started to find these remaining Wolfhounds and use them to revive the breed in the mid-1800s. In order to revive the population, Graham crossed the Irish Wolfhounds he found with Scottish Deerhounds.  

#2 Throwback To When The Grass Was Green And It Was Just Her And Him

#3 We Want Your Toast!

Height and the same common variations of colors make the unique. Pure Irish wolfhounds come in many colors, from cream to black, but some end up as blue. To be technical blue in dogs isn’t a color but a color paling effect which dilutes the color pigment of the coat, skin, and eyes – called ‘blue dilute.’ This trait used to be considered impermissible as the affected puppies were put down at birth or as soon after as their color became obvious. But, this doesn’t affect the health of the dog. 

#4 My Irish Wolfhound, Sitting On Grandma’s Lap. He Has No Idea How Big He Is

#5 Photobombed

Irish Wolfhounds hunt large animals such as wild boar and deer. They are great hunters and are still even used to this day to herd sheep with their large stature and skill. You’ll think that their ability to attack animals would translate into a great guard dog, but it’s not the truth. They are not suspicious of strangers and aggressive towards them.

#6 Big Ron And Big Ern

#7 If Lincoln Can’t Be A Couch Dog Then She Will Be A Floor Person

The first written record of an Irish Wolfhound is from 391 A.D. which was scribed in a letter from a Roman consul to his brother. The consul thanks his brother for his gift of “Irish dogs,” saying, “All Rome viewed them in wonder.” These “wolfdogs of Ireland” were often gifted to Roman consuls, and also to kings of other European countries, to shahs of Persia, and other world leaders.

#8 Just A Lap Dog

#9 Christmas Morning Pjs

#10 Irish wolfhound would make the best canine model of the breeds as they are tall and lean. These dogs are very photogenic in front of the camera, so they are frequently used in fashion photography. 

#11 Beauty And The Beast

#12 Gilligan Sharing A Birthday Kiss With 110 Year Old Mariette

#13 Dog-Head Is Served. Enjoy Your Meal!

#14 Favorite Place To Nap

#15 Sloane Got To Sit On My Lap. He Wasn’t Excited At All…

#16 Floki. He’s Such A Sweetheart!

#17 Looks Like They’re About To Drop The Hottest Music Album Of The Year

#18 On A Walk

#19 This Is Guinness. He Just Passed Last Month At 9 Years…

#20 Happy And Houndy Thanksgiving!

#21 How He Lies In The Kitchen Waiting For Something To Fall

#22 This Gang

#23 When You’re The Size Of A Couch

#24 Ever Get The Feeling Someone’s Watching You?

#25 Manager Amber Is 5ft… Moose Is One Big Boy!

#26 Partners In Crime

#27 Huge Paw Or Small Hand?

#28 My Boy Fezzik

#29 Jarvis Watching His Boy

#30 Naps And Cuddles With Hoomum

#31 Meet Winnie The White Wolfie

#32 The Space Cowboy And The Gangster Of Love

#33 This Irish Wolfhound Testing The Ice Cream For His Human

#34 Best Kisses

#35 They Want His Pizza!

#36 My Buddy Chester Almost One Year Old Irish Wolfhound. He Wanted To Look Out The Window

#37 Stanley, 38 Inches At Shoulder, 101 Kilos (223 Pounds) Of Pure Love

#38 Me And Auntie Terri

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