Here’s A Magical Field Of Lights Which Looks Like Thousands Of Glowing Fireflies

This gorgeous place is a work of an artist named Bruce Munro. It is located in Paso Robles.

Here is a place that looks exactly like a dream you are having. This place is known as the Field of Lights located in Paso Robles, California. This place was created by Bruce Munro which is the largest work to date, reported Totally The Bomb. These images will surely take your breath away. The place is the most beautiful wildflower field you can ever imagine. It is actually a field of solar-powered lights. 

More than 58,000 stemmed sphere-lits were used to create the field of lights which run with the help of fiber optics. The special thing about this is every one of them is solar-powered. The entire field lights up at night. The entire field is 15 acres and you’ll be surprised when you see it from a suitable angle.

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sensoriopaso විසින් බෙදා ගත් පළ කිරීමක් හි

You can actually walk through the Field of lights. You’ll have an ethereal experience by walking there. But, we can all do with some magic from time to time. The place was opened just a few days ago on June 12th and will remain open until January 3rd, 2021. 

They have some safety protocol in place where they have implemented timed ticket entry, one-way paths, no on-site ticket sales, and masks due to the COVID-19 pandemic. A group of six people can travel together at once. Cleaning restrooms every 30 minutes, hand sanitation stations, and enforced social distancing are some other safety protocols they take.

You can but the tickets online and it starts from $30. You can walk around the ethereal field of lights along with another venue that has live music, wine, local beer brands, and food. The VIP tickets are priced at $79 and it includes access to an outdoor terrace and an Airstream bar. The place is located at 4380 Highway 46 East, across from Hunter Ranch Golf Course.

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