Here’s A Cute Dog Who Protests Annoying Everyday Things With Funny Signs

A canine with something to say could be the only thing that can be more adorable than a dog. This ‘Dog With Sign’ is protesting signs in its mouth with hilarious doggo-related phrases.

Here are some of the best and funniest photos from the ‘Dog With Sign’ Instagram account. Remember to share your comment about which protest sign you loved most.

According to Caroline, the owner of the dog named Baboy (aka Babi or Babs), “@dudewithsign and @dudettewithsign were the inspiration for the account and the fact that I think it’s very cute when Baboy holds things in her mouth.”

Caroline also said, “The internet’s reaction has been pretty positive. It’s definitely reinforcing when people reach out and say the account made them smile. She also revealed that Baboy was born on January 4, 2018, enjoys trying new things to eat and “loves any type of meat or seafood.” Anyway, she “turns her nose up at veggies.”

“Babi loves learning new tricks, playing with her doggo friends, snuggling with Daddy and of course protesting.”

Caroline “spends a lot of time around other people obsessed with their dogs and that is very helpful for brainstorming ideas” for the protest signs. “I also have been relying pretty heavily on doggie cliches.” What’s more, Baboy has her own personal Instagram account because “she likes to keep her business and pleasure separate.”

The owner of the ‘Dog With Sign’ doggo gave a nice answer to a question that we all must have thought about at least once in our lives: what would dogs complain about if only they could voice their opinions?

The owner knows what a doggo’s perspective in life is like from not trusting the mailman, to cutting treats into smaller treats. The Instagram account’s tagline is, “If you don’t sit for something, you’ll never get the treat.” And we all are in love with the tagline.

‘Dog With Sign’ has more than 8,600 followers in the Instagram account already, even though there are only 12 photos posted within the last few weeks.

Dogs hate the mailman as it’s the canine nature. See, they were originally domesticated to warn about intruders and protect against them. They just follow what’s in their nature.

Most doggos don’t like hugs. It’s really shocking news. You can see how your dog reacts and its body language when you hug it. If it doesn’t like when you hug it, just let it cuddle up to you the way it wants.

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