Here Is How to Deal with a Toxic Family Member

Letting a toxic girlfriend, boyfriend, or a friend go off is one thing but letting off a toxic family member is another.

You should know that everybody’s family is not healthy that can be called on or lean on. Moreover, not everyone’s family tie is build up with mutual respect, affection, support or love. There are families who only share the same bloodline. They break you down while a healthy family builds you up.

A toxic family member might be having a hard time such as stressed feelings, chronically worried, ill or lacking of emotional love and support. They are really in need of help. They need to be cared for, loved, listened, and supported. They might hurt you with their actions, but you should be protected from all those actions.

Dealing with a toxic family member is different in each case, but there’re a few universal principles you should remember for your own sake:

-Perhaps they aren’t an inherently bad person. However, they aren’t the best person to be spending your time with on a daily basis.

Every toxic family member is not intentionally uncaring or agonizing. Some may have good intentions and they care for you because they are toxic. But, their way of existing in the world and their needs make you discomfit your happiness. So, remember to give space to yourself to live. You can help them, but you cannot ruin your life every day by helping them. First, you must think that your well being is the priority. But, if you have a temporary issue that you want relief, spend less time with that person, love them from a distance or let them go completely.

-As you are not able to control what that person does, you should practice self-care on a daily basis

In any circumstance, if you are asked to live a toxic family member, find some time to be alone and rest. When you are living with a toxic person as the role of ‘rational, focused adult’, you should consider it as a deep issue. If you are not careful you can be affected by their toxicity. They may try negative consequences with you such as trying to cause you to constantly doubt yourself, or drive you mad. If you cannot control what he’s doing, try self-care on a daily basis. It can affect you to feel healthy, live positively, and remain control. Daily exercise, mediations, prayers, and mindfulness can make free your emotional and mental health.

-They hide behind passive aggression

Passive aggression is really non-verbal aggression that manifests in negative behavior. A toxic person might create annoying, delicate gestures directed at you, instead of talking regarding their feelings or what they’re disturbed with. That person typically finds any way to take jabs at you till you get upset. They don’t want to have any open communication with you. If someone feels safe expressing their opinions with you, they won’t be passive-aggressive towards you. This suggests just in case they desire they’re going to not be criticized for his or her opinions; they’re not going to hide behind passive aggression. Therefore, allow them to understand that you just accept them for WHO they’re, additionally as that they’re not essentially supposed to your opinions or ideas, however, that you just would really like to own their support. Just in case they honestly care regarding you, they’ll provide it. But, if they don’t care about you, they’ll not try and amend their toxic behavior. If so, you must pay less time with them and make a healthy area for yourself.

-Ignoring their toxic behavior is wrong

If you aren’t careful, they will get discriminatory treatment because of their moody behavior. You’ll notice it easier to ignore that person instead of refusing their bad-tempered rhetoric. Even though, it’ll not stop them from being toxic. You shouldn’t permit them to have an effect on your mood. You shouldn’t tiptoe around them or build special pardons for his or her belligerence. Their negativity or drama will have a negative impact on your emotional health. If a family member is over the age of twenty-one and still can’t be a respectful, reasonable, and reliable adult frequently, you must speak up.

-Stand up for yourself

Nobody has the power to judge you for who you’re as an individual. But, toxic relations won’t be happy until they put your ego to the bottom. Bear in mind that nobody will cause you to feel tiny unless you provide them that power. You need to arise for yourself. You must be cognizant of however they treat you and concentrate on the delicate jabs they throw. You must also confront them if necessary.

-In case their toxic behavior does become physical, you should address it

If you have been a victim of emotional or perhaps physical abuse in your family, and just in case you have got spent years making an attempt to ignore it, it’s time to deal with it. And significantly, if you have become the barrier between that person and someone else, and you have taken the assault of the abuse in their place, you should speak up. If you are a victim of emotional or even physical abuse in your family, they are breaking the law and they have to deal with the remuneration of their own actions.

-Do not allow hate to build in your heart

Even though they have acted very badly, don’t hate anyone hurting someone means you hurt yourself more. If you hate toxic people, you can dig 2 graves, 1 for them, and the other one for yourself. Try to forgive them all as forgiving is the quality of smart and strongest people. The best revenge you can get is avoided being like them.

-you should not take their toxic behavior personally

A toxic person will try to imply that you have done something wrong. It can really hurt you and lose your confidence and also unsettle your resolve. Do not allow any circumstance to make you in that way. If you don’t take anything personally, there’s a large amount of freedom in this world. These people act negatively not only to you but for all the people they communicate. If you feel the situation as directly insulted by you, but it doesn’t have anything to do with you. Whatever they do, think, or say, it’s totally based on their self-reflection.

-You may grow together and repair your toxic family relationship in the long run

If you and the toxic person to hard work to self-growth, it can be repaired. With a tough time and painful work, you can repair the broken trust. You all know that the trust level rises and falls throughout our lives and you’ll grow together. More ever, you cannot do that alone and you want two.

-Unfortunately, sometimes you can simply let go of them

You can’t control what a toxic person does to you, but you can choose to stay away from them. Don’t allow their words, opinions and actions constantly invade your mind and heart. You are the person who can decide who can leave beside and walk beside you. If you cannot fix your relationship with the toxic person, let go of them. In the real world, you cannot make a good relationship with a toxic person. The best thing you can do is do what is right for you.

Here is how to deal with a family member that is toxic:

  • Do not take anything personally
  • Create some healthy space for yourself
  • Identify and enforce the ‘natural consequences’
  • Forgive, but do not forget
  • Surround yourself with people that are positive

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