Here Are Some Tombstones By People With A Brilliant Sense Of Humor.

When you lose someone, it can be very hard-hitting and sorrowful for us. But they would like for us to remember them by making us smile.

Here are some tombstones pictures of some people that the visitors of their graves don’t feel down when they come to remember them and immortalized their sense of humor in stone.

#1 If you can read this.


#2 Visiting my grandma’s grave and found this on a tombstone nearby.

#3 Well…

#4 All dressed up an no place to go.

#5 That’s an unusually fun tombstone.

#6 Gay Vietnam veteran.

#7 Walking through a cemetery when all of a sudden…

#8 Looks happy.

#9 I was hoping for a pyramid.

#10 Finally.

#11 That’s all folks.

#12 This man’s tombstone is a giant middle finger.

#13 Merv Griffin Grave.

#14 Go away.

#15 Ouija Grave

#16 Hidden message.

#17 I came here without being consulted.

#18 Found while out planting flags in the cemetery for memorial day.

#19 S.hit happens.

#20 Arthur and his wife.

#21 She always said her feet were killing her, but no one believed her.

#22 Damn!

#23 Uncle Walter.

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