Here Are Some Tiny Crocheting Couches For Cats

It’s really a great hobby a person can have during lockdown.

During this lockdown some people are always working while some others are trying to keep themselves busy in different ways. Instead of that many of us have people have even changed their bedrooms into a makeshift office space. 

Here’s a hobby that has gained a lot of popularity during the lockdown. People are crocheting tiny couches for their cats. The crocheting community on Reddit has shared the ideas and patterns they use. This might be the cutest trend in recent times and we totally love it.

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Even though these adorable cat couches started gaining popularity recently, one of them dates back to as old as 2009. In 1998, another crochet pattern for the kitty couch was published on  The Needlecraft shop originally published the pattern and a special edition was completely dedicated to cats and their couches.

The pattern is still popular with publication may no longer be in print. Reddit user Poopoopmagoo shared their creation on the crochet subreddit and wrote around two months back, “I bit the bullet and made the kitty couch – I think she likes it. Skipped the pillows and the ruffle because she’s a modern girl. Added a reptile heating pad that has a thermostat in the cord. The payoff is definitely worth the effort, this is her favorite spot in the house.”

There are a number of other crochet enthusiasts who have taken to the subreddit to post their own creations additional to Poopoopmagoo and they all are really adorable. Another user, StitcherUniverse also told about the difficulties of completing their kitty couch project. “I have to say, even though it’s great for a picture when you finish, getting the foam in place (and getting the corners of the foam to match the corners of the crochet) is really quite challenging.”

You should try one of this project if you have a feline friend whatever little hurdles you may have to face. Our pets deserve the best and they should have something special in our homes like the way they are special to us. 


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