Here Are 40+ Hilarious Things Done By Kids

Kids have the ability to turn any household object into a toy. Each and every wall and piece of furniture is their canvas. Even if it is a headache for the parents, kids are too funny.

Kids do many hilarious things and there are parents to capture them. These photos from awkward outfits to hilarious test answers will surely brighten your day. See these funniest things kids have done. h/t

#His Sister Is In Good Hands

Image source: Janile Gross

#My Daughter Looks Like A Mom That Regrets All Her Life Decisions

Image source: ilovepretzles69

#My Daughter’s Reaction When Holding Her New Baby Sister. Much Heavier Than The Dolls She Practiced On

Image source: vassili_zaitsev

#Potentially The Best Answer My Daughter Has Ever Given On A Worksheet

Image source: Ms_Sugarbaker

#Imagination Level 100. My 2-Year-Old Daughter Drew A Pillow With Chalk, Then Lay Down For A Nap

Image source: mpbishop

#One Step Away From Heart Attack

Image source: adex0057

#These Kids Were Asked To Dress Up As Elves For Their School Play. One Kid Dressed Up As Elvis

Image source: ChickenFilletRoll

#Mystery Of The Wine Bottles

Image source: azedi

#Little Kids Are The Best

Image source:

#Words Of The Week

#My Daughter Looks Like She Just Destroyed An Entire Sith Army

Image source: Fruitlessbox

#My Daughter’s Personality Perfectly Expressed Through Her Outfit Choice

Image source: hoodliner987

#My Daughter Thought This Was Her. Bonus: My Son In The Background.

Image source: Trampolice

#My Kid Is Sharp

Image source: Shock_and_Awwwwww

#Little Sister Was Invited To The “Princess Party”. But She Wanted To Be A Puppy

Image source: r_confused

#My Friend’s 3-Year-Old Son In Preschool Today

Image source: beastman99

#Getty Washington

Image source: ilikeoldgaming

#My Kindergarten Teaching Experience In A Nutshell

Image source: LaPagina

#Okay, At Least My Daughter Is Cute

Image source: whatIsReddit_2015

#I Asked For Art For My New Apartment This Christmas. May I Present “Butterflies”, A Painting From My Nieces Made Entirely With Their Butt Cheeks. Lovely

Image source: hfletch13

#My 6-Year-Old Drew Her Dad, Me, Herself And Her Little Brother. We’re Snorkelling

Image source: Beth Fanstone

#My Son’s Hide-And-Go-Seek Spot

Image source: GarbageDumpOfAssholz

#Honesty In My Son’s Homework

Image source: LucentPhoenix

#The Bunny’s Face Says It All


Image source: newdadnotes

#My Son Is One “Those” Kids

Image source: makenzie71

#An 8-Bit Child

Image source: Falls_Up

#My Daughter Hates The Sun And She Drew Me A Picture Of Her Yelling At The Sun

Image source: hoodliner987

#I Run Grief And Loss Sessions With Children. This 5-Year-Old Is Wise Beyond Her Years

Image source: Olliebean6

#The Outfit My Nephew Wore To Meet My Boyfriend

Image source: halcyonwade

#My Niece Discovered The Cat Door TodayPhoto

Image source: xAmericanNightmarex

#My Son Is A Fart For Halloween

Image source: nethngatall

#My 4-Year-Old Thinks He’s A Ninja So My Wife Took A “Before” Picture And Showed Him. He Absolutely Thinks He’s Completely Invisible In Front Of Our Black Appliances

Image source: huntwithdad

#Our Dog Peed On Our New Couch. My 6 Year Old Daughter Documented The Events, Including My Reaction

Image source: migueljuan

#My Son Was Invited To A Birthday Party To Learn “Superhero” Moves. Aka Jujitsu. He Took It Very Seriously

Image source: nallette

#My Son’s Best Answer This Week

Image source: din7

#My Son Is My Spirit Animal

Image source: C-SPANdex

#Here We Have A 13-Year-Old In Her Natural Habitat

I present my daughter, who, after being told to change into appropriate clothes, slammed her bedroom door so hard it got stuck. Her escape effort is pictured here – with our concerned dog looking on.

Image source: bluemavis

#My Son Got To Meet Darth Vader. And When The Dark Lord Of The Sith Told Him “Join Me, And I Will Complete Your Training” He Reached Out And Held Vader’s Hand! Should I Be Impressed, Or Concerned?

Image source: gotham77

#Because We All Have That One Kid

Image source: glitterbricks

#My 6-Year-Old Son Had His First School Dance Tonight. Got Caught Giving Roses To Different Girls

Image source: NoraRose_86

#So Proud Of My Little Scientist

Image source: nachoaccountname

#My Daughter Trying To Hide When Shes Supposed To Be In Bed

Image source: Damian411

#Took My Daughter To A Van Gogh Exhibition

Image source: Ka_paw

#Kid Accidentally Kills His Fish

Image source: t.hamlin915

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