He Yawns, He Stares At Us, He Leans On Our Feet: 8 Ways The Dog Communicates Something To Us

The dog is a very good animal at expressing its state of mind : it sometimes does so through gestures and sounds understandable to humans, but other signals are more subtle and easy to misinterpret. For example, did you know that there is a reason why your dog sometimes sleeps lying down and sometimes curled up? The secrets of dog language don’t end there, and this article is a great opportunity to learn more!

1.The dog brings you gifts…


All these objects that your dog brings you are gifts for you. The question arises spontaneously: why does he do it? The doubt could be that he does it with an ulterior motive, to have more food or for a longer walk. No, the gesture retains its simplicity and sincerity: it does so to show you its affection, to show you its gratitude. Don’t ignore those sticks and games he brings back for you: it is very important that he receives a sign of recognition !

2.When the dog gets on the bed…


The dog is by nature a sociable animal that lives in groups. Sleeping with other members is an innate behavior that he replicates even with humans.

3.When the dog lies on his feet…


It is also a gesture that often manifests itself in groups of dogs: by resting its head on the owner’s feet, the dog reaffirms its belonging , its family belonging. When a puppy does it, it’s a way of reassuring himself of your presence.

4.When the dog shows his belly…


This is usually the position that is adopted when concentration is required : he could do it during play or rest. In any case, it is a sign that the dog feels comfortable and relaxed.

5.When the dog yawns…..


The reasons behind a dog’s yawn are the same as humans : it could be because it’s tired and bored, or after a nap to wake up for good.

6.When the dog breaks something…..


When dogs break something in the absence of the master, they do so because they suffer from separation anxiety . This restlessness causes them to do things they wouldn’t normally do, such as breaking things, to relieve the tension . Often this behavior is mistaken for boredom, but it has nothing to do with it.

7.When the dog leans on the leg…


This is a signal that should not be underestimated, because it means that the dog is looking for encouragement from you . He does this when he is undecided about what to do: for example, a fearful dog might lean on the owner’s leg when he has thrown the ball too far. The dog, not knowing whether to move away or not, seeks the master’s approval.

8.When the dog curls up…


When the dog curls up it’s because he wants to be invisible or thinks he’s invisible : this is a behavior that stray or abandoned dogs often exhibit, so if your four-legged friend does it, it could indicate that he would like a few more hugs.

9.When the dog stares at you…


When the dog stares at you, he does so because he loves you intensely and trusts you ! A bit like when someone watches their partner from afar!

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