He Spends $23,000 On A Wolf Costume: “When I Wear It, I Free Myself From Human Relationships”

All individuals have their own passion, and whenever they have the chance, they practice it, because there is nothing more relaxing than devoting yourself to what you love the most. There are those who spend their free time taking long walks in parks, those who go out with friends, or cook delicious meals for them, or those who relax by tidying up their homes.

Then there are those who, like the man in the story we are about to tell, like to spend their free time doing more eccentric hobbies, like dressing up as animals . Let’s take a closer look at what this passion consists of.

Toru Ueda is a 32-year-old Japanese engineer from Tokyo who loves animals so much that he spends his free time dressed as a wolf. His desire is to escape from human obligations and detach from the need to relate to other people. It is for this reason that he bought a wolf costume, so realistic as to look like one, which cost him around 23,000 dollars (21,100 euros).

The man had his costume made by Zeppet, a company that produces costumes for television and cinema. It’s so lifelike that when wearing it, it looks like a wolf has stood up on two legs and decided to take a walk. Ueda personally supervised the entire production phase. In addition to meeting with the team producing the disguise three times, he also sent them about 40 emails explaining the details he wanted.

“When I wear my suit, explains the young engineer, I become and I feel like a wolf. I am free from any human relationship. All kinds of problems, related to work and other things, suddenly disappear, with this appearance I can forget everything .”

In Japan, the practice of cosplay, that is, making a costume, dressing up and participating in gatherings, is very widespread, but the purpose of Toru’s disguise is not this. His only desire is to impersonate a wolf, because that way he can relax and escape the social engagements that individuals are tied to .

What do you think of this unusual passion of his?

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