He Recently Spent $6.5k On A Young Registered Black Angus Bull

Laughing is so good for you! It can help reduce stress, make you feel happier, strengthen your immune system, and even help you handle pain better.

Unfortunately, as life throws more challenges and responsibilities at us, it’s harder to find things that bring us joy.

Want to hear a joke that will have you laughing so hard your stomach hurts? It’s perfect for getting a good daily chuckle!

Alright, let’s begin!

I just got a young Black Angus bull that is registered for $6,500.

Whenever I released him with the herd, he would simply munch on grass and not even look at a cow. That bull was starting to seem like it was becoming more expensive than I could afford.

I asked the veterinarian to examine the bull. Despite being quite young, the vet assured me that he was in excellent health and prescribed some medications for daily administration.

The bull took charge of tending to all my cows within a span of two days! Not only that, he managed to scale the fence and mate with all of my neighbor’s cows as well! His efficiency is akin to that of a machine.

The medication provided by the veterinarian had a hint of peppermint flavor, but I am uncertain about its composition.

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