He Put The Statue Of Baphomet On His Roof To Terrorize His Neighbors.

This shadowy figure has spread terror throughout his area, causing his neighbors to avoid him at all costs.

Having neighbors and living with others is usually a challenge for many. Relating to strangers can generate division in communities because for some it may be pleasant or indifferent, for others it may be annoying.

However, there have been cases in which certain neighbors become totally undesirable personalities. Or at least that’s what happened in Brazil.

Twitter: ivdiarily

In the area of ​​the Alvorada neighborhood in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, a woman took her community by surprise. She decided to put a statue of almost 2 meters of the deity Baphomet himself, which has the head of a goat, wings and an anthropomorphic body with which many people associate sat4nism.

The musician Iván Almeida came across this peculiar figure and wanted to share the image on Twitter: “A new neighbor has arrived causing a stir in the neighborhood,” he said in a tweet that soon reached 91,000 ‘likes’ and more than 4 thousand retweets.

And since the statue is in full view of the whole world, it was to be expected that all kinds of rumors would spread: “The conservatives and the children of the neighborhood are already full of stories about the house and this family,” said the user in the social network, since it “imposes fear”.

Twitter: ivdiarily

In this way, some neighbors prefer to ignore it because they think it is Belcebú, better known as El Diablo. However, Baphomet is a pagan deity that emerged as such in the 14th century, and the design we know of was created by French occultist Éliphas Lévi in ​​his book ‘Dogma and Ritual of High Magic’ published in 1854 according to FeedClub .

Thanks to the photos having gone so viral, the statue’s owner has come to light, identified as Mãe Michelly da Cigana. She calls herself the ‘Queen of Whiplash’ on social media and makes videos about gypsy magic, which explains why the statue is outside her home.

“Nine years have passed since I made my settlement in Beelzebub, the Main Man. Every year it amazes me. He is a spiritual force that came to add to my life, in my trajectory. He changed me forever. His obligation is now coming up on Good Friday. Last November, I had to put up the statue. To say thank you, to protect our door, my house of religion,” he told G1 .

In fact, Iván supplemented this information on Twitter. “It is a house of religion, and the rumor is that ‘they are good for nothing.’ The lady of the house is very popular in the city, she is known for doing these religious works,” he noted.

Mother Michelly da Cigana

And although on the social network it has caused all kinds of comments such as “More effective protection than an electric fence”, “In today’s tutorial we are going to teach you how not to be bothered by Jehovah’s Witnesses EVER AGAIN”, “At least it works as a reference for deliveries”, “The satanist is an eternal fifteen-year-old who needs to shock to get attention” and “Who needs security with a giant statue of Baphomet on the wall of his house?”.

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