He Marries A Younger Woman Who Looks Like His Daughter: Internet Users Criticize Him

Mischief is often in the eye of the beholder, and it’s really hard to protect yourself from negative criticism and judgment, especially when you’re exposing yourself in some way. The most common example is that of social networks, where after posting content, we receive comments that are not always pleasant. What to do at that time? Let’s see how the father we are going to talk about reacted, accused by Internet users of having married a woman who, according to them, looks exactly like his daughter .

Most people are now used to sharing photos and videos of their daily life, inevitably showing aspects and details of their private life. This is the case of Chris, 44, father of Tizzi, 21, who met a new partner while he was in the middle of a divorce. The woman in question, Savana , 28, had been hired at his hair salon and became his wife some time later. At first, she was not at all interested in the prospect of a relationship with a man, while Chris was faced with a very complicated personal situation.

But by dint of seeing each other every day, they gradually got closer and ended up discovering that there was something special between them. However, his daughter Tizzi was also working with them and the couple decided to go into hiding for a while before coming out into the open. When the girl heard the news, after the initial shock, she accepted that Savana was her father’s new partner and struck up a sincere friendship with her, especially because of their very close ages.

This same detail, however, earned Chris an avalanche of criticism when the two women were shown together on social media: ” I made the mistake of writing, in one of my videos, my age above of me and Tizzi’s above her ,” Savana explained. “ A huge tornado of negative comments came in, most of which were aimed at Chris .” The judgments were mostly about the resemblance between the two, who both have long blonde hair and are only seven years apart.

“ I would be traumatized if my dad married someone who looked so much like me ” and “ Do you want to date your daughter? ” are some of the comments. The man, meanwhile, said: ” They’ve written the worst you can imagine. They’ve literally torn us down . They have nothing better to do with their time, they’re obviously unhappy in their lives. “

They got married, had children and are very happy together, so they don’t want to be swayed by their critics.

And you, what do you think of their story?

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New York Post

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