She Is Criticized For Feeling Young At 58: “I’m Proud Of My Gray Hair And My Tattoos”

It is customary to think that once past the age of 50, life is now doomed to decline and that all unachieved goals must be considered as missed forever. Today, however, this thought no longer has a solid basis on which to rely a 50-year-old person today is not the same as a 50-year-old person who lived in past centuries, and we can also find proof of this in our own families, by comparing our mothers with our grandmothers.

But then, what’s wrong with a woman over 50 still feeling young? Absolutely nothing, you will say, and yet there are still those who claim the right to criticize it. Let’s discover together the story of this woman.

Lonni Pike is a 58-year-old American influencer who owes her success to the courage to be herself. Indeed, the woman opened her greyhairandtattoos Instagram profile two years ago, where she shows off her tattoos and boyish outfits alongside her gray hair. “I just opened my Instagram page this year. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from people who appreciate that I’m not afraid to show the world who I am,” she said during from an interview at the beginning of his adventure on the networks.

The woman, who says her style can be summed up in overalls and Dr. Martens, said on social media that her tattoos are part of her story She got her first when she was 30, when she had a complicated marriage and was separated from her husband for some time. It was then that she began to express her true self and be what she wanted to be and not what others wanted her to be.

Inevitably, with the admirers came the criticism: not everyone accepts that she dresses according to her rules and not according to her age. Lonnie, however, is undeterred and continues on his way. She sometimes responds to criticism, always in a respectful but firm manner. “I don’t give anyone the right to react negatively to me in any area of ​​my life. My life is my universe and criticism is not allowed,” she says firmly, then adds, “J I have a great job, I behave like the professional that I am and I consider myself one of the best in my field, so no, I don’t think there is anything that can condition me negatively “.

Certainly an excellent example of courage and spontaneity , which fortunately many follow and appreciate. There are already more than 100,000 followers on his social networks. Bravo Lonni, keep it up!

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