He Invited A Homeless Man To Dinner, He Helped Him And Now They Are A Family. “Improved My Life”

Jasmine Grogan met Macauley Murchie when he was wandering the streets, invited him to dinner and since then they have not separated.

We will never know where love comes from, but it is something that we have all experienced at least once in our lives and it always appears in an unexpected way , taking us by surprise and making us feel something that is difficult to explain.

At some point, when we are with the right person, we know it, we don’t know how to explain it, but we know it. This was what happened to Jasmine Grogan, who met her future husband, Maculey Murchie, after going to do her shopping for her at the supermarket, to whom she offered a little money since she was a tramp.


He did not accept the money, despite Jasmine insisting, since he helped her load her purchases into a taxi. The young woman could not leave him with nothing in return, so instead of giving him money, she invited him to dinner, to which Maculey could not say no, although she did it with a little shame , she says in a TikTok video.

At that dinner they both talked about their lives and about various topics, which helped them get to know each other better, and they got along very well. Jasmine bought him a phone so she could keep in touch with him and got him accommodation in a hotel, she returned to her house, however she couldn’t stop thinking about the boy.


Jasmine was in constant contact with the young man and asked him out again, this time she gave him new clothes and now she invited him to spend the night at her house, which ended up uniting them even more.

“He ended up staying much longer than one night where we fell instantly in love. I knew he was the one for me, he was so nice,” Jasmine commented on TikTok.

The dates continued, and over time she gradually helped Maculay. She cut his hair, put in new teeth and found him a good job. Their relationship has flourished a lot and now they have become a family, something that Jasmine never thought would happen.


“Now we have 2 children, we are still together and very happy. He is the best dad and the most amazing fiancé. He proposed to me and of course I said yes. I’ll be Mrs. Murchie soon,” she continued.

“We are so glad that our paths crossed and we believe that everything happens for a reason, it made my life so much better and now I can’t imagine myself without him. My best friend, everything happens for a reason, trust the universe », he concluded.


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