She Has Lived In The Same House Where She Was Born For 104 Years: “I Would Not Have Been Happy Anywhere Else.”

“She will never leave this house. She loves it. The house is the focal point for the whole family,” said one of the two children of Elsie Allcock, a 104-year-old great-grandmother .

Nowadays it is very difficult to live in one place all your life. Let’s not forget that now it is very expensive and difficult to buy a new house, so much so that many choose to rent apartments or rooms.

But you might be surprised to learn that there is a woman from Huthwaite, UK, who was born in 1918 and has lived in the same house for 104 years.

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The Sun magazine talked about her and her 6 great-grandchildren and him as for her that place was always her home. This is Elsie Allcock, a woman who was born in the house and has witnessed 2 world wars, 4 kings and queens and 25 prime ministers of the country.

Elsie, who is now widowed, has two children, six grandchildren and 29 great-grandchildren. For her, her home has always been that and she has never had the intention of moving. And it is also a large and comfortable house.

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“I never wanted to live anywhere else. This is my house and it means everything to me (…) When Bill and I got married, we stopped here and never left“said the woman.

In addition to being his childhood home, when his mother died he took care of his father. When he passed away in 1949, she and her husband Bill bought the house in 1960 with a bank loan.

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Today, that house that a man rented for 36 dollars at the time, has a value of approximately 90,000 dollars.

According to Elise, the house has been largely unchanged and the bathrooms they installed in the 1960s are still in working order. “I would not have been happy anywhere else,” clarified the woman, who explained that this house “is full of memories.”

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The woman’s family agrees with her and her son Ray, who was born in that house and moved into it after Bill died, stated that “She will never leave this house. She loves it “.

So far Elsie knows that she will stay in this house forever, since she understands that she may not have many years left, but she hopes that her family can support her. “The house is the focal point for the whole family.”

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