He Finds A Fallen Branch In The Street: This Is How He Manages To Give It New Life

Decorating a home is no small feat. You have to choose the pieces carefully, hoping to be lucky and find the right balance between quality and price.

But a store isn’t always the right place to buy furniture that fits your home: you might find what you’re looking for on a walk in the park, just get your creativity going!

Artist Sebastian Errazuriz has transformed a fallen branch in the street into something truly unique and fascinating.

Immediately he had the idea to take the branch home to do something creative…

He finally decided to use it as a “shelf”. He cut off the excess branches, rounded off the pointy parts, and finally painted the whole thing black.

By adding glass shelves, he finished his work which turns out to be a real design object.

The name he gave to the tree-shelf was “Bilbao” like the name of the street where he found the branch.

This work gave him the inspiration to make others… This other shelf was built by joining three branches.

This tree supports the glass plate of a table. A very effective find!

source used: Sebastian Errazuriz

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