He Eats Almost Exclusively Chocolate: He Is Afraid Of All Other Foods

Resisting chocolate is not an easy task, even if it is often necessary: ​​this sweet food is not a great ally of physical fitness, which is why we try to consume it sparingly. However, it promotes a good mood and, from time to time, a few nibbles to satisfy the palate and dispel sadness are perfectly permitted. But the man we’re about to talk about has made it the only ingredient in his daily diet, since he can’t eat anything else.

Ashley Kean , 30, UK, is forced to eat almost nothing but chocolate: since childhood, he can only digest certain foods, which has given him a very special diet that he has kept to age adult. So only chocolate, mashed potatoes, fruit and Yorkshire puddings are on his table. Every year, from January to April, it consumes a huge amount of Easter eggs, an average of three to six per day.

What for many might be the ultimate expression of gluttonous desire, for Ashley has become a bothersome thing: everything, if consumed to excess, eventually becomes boring, even chocolate.

This man, father of two children, would like to be able to vary his diet. According to the doctor, there are no problems in his body, so his difficulty digesting could be psychological in nature . As a child, every time he tried a different food, he ended up rejecting it. So he developed a strong fear of tasting something new and feeling sick. ” My diet is rather monotonous and I don’t like it. During the first months of the year, I eat more than 250 Easter eggs , or on average between three and six a day, depending on how hungry I am. I spend a lot of money on it. ”

The numerous medical examinations he underwent over the years could not pinpoint the cause of the problem, but they reassured him, to his surprise, that his particular diet did not had no negative repercussions on her health : Ashley is in great shape. However, the diagnosis of avoidant/restrictive eating disorder, which leads the individual to refuse certain foods, has been mentioned.

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” From the outside, I look like a normal 30-something. It’s depressing, but it’s something I’ve always lived with. The amount of chocolate I eat is excessive, but I don’t I’m not diabetic, so how is it possible that everything is fine?I did all the tests and was told that all my parameters were perfect.But this is not normal, given my diet. “

Kean doesn’t eat meat or vegetables: ” I love mashed potatoes, but I don’t eat fries or baked potatoes. I’ve tried different foods over the years to try for a change, but I am afraid of feeling sick and I want to avoid it. Before having children, I could not stand the smell of food or touching it, but now I can cook for them. I come to resign myself to the fact that this is my diet and that I have to accept it. ”

How would you feel in his place?

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