He Decides To Give Up His House And His Money: He Lives Exclusively From The Exchange Of Good Practices

One of the inalienable human rights is the right to freedom. Each individual can live as he wishes, as long as his choices do not interfere with the independence of others. Through the ages, this concept has acquired different meanings, ranging from the possibility of freedom from slavery to that of expressing one’s thoughts freely.

The man in this story, on the other hand, has decided to taste freedom by renouncing what can be considered contemporary chains, namely the house and money. He lives off odd jobs, but does not ask for money in return, only food . Let’s take a closer look at how he chose to live.

Simone D’Antonio/Facebook

Simone D’Antonio is a 35-year-old Italian who has decided to renounce material possessions and be 100% free. One day, he realized that to be happy, he had to change his life, because the one he was leading did not fulfill him. Today he has no house, not a penny in his pocket, the only two items he has are a damaged bicycle and a cell phone, but it is only in this way that he was able to feel free.

Previously he had a house and worked as a bar manager, and for a while he also worked as a sales rep for an ice cream company, but it wasn’t until he gave it all up that he realized what his life should be like: “I could have a job tomorrow, but that’s not what I want. At first, when I started down this path, I was maybe a little reckless , especially because of the risks you take when you don’t have experience. Then I found my balance and now I don’t want to go back.”

Simone D’Antonio/Facebook

Simone does odd jobs from time to time, like mowing the lawn, helping people with their errands, or tutoring children. Despite this, he remains true to his beliefs, and in return he does not ask for money, but for food or, at most in an emergency, a sofa to rest on, although he usually sleeps there. where he can.

When the sun goes down, he stops to think about where he can spend the night: “I often sleep on the street, with a sleeping bag and heavy clothes. Other times, I find a sofa with a friend.”

What do you think of this man’s decision to say goodbye to material possessions and live exclusively through the exchange of good manners?

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