He Buys A Warehouse For 680€ And Finds Old Newspapers Inside: They Are Worth Thousands

When buying a house or premises, it sometimes happens that the previous owners leave certain objects behind when moving. But in some cases, this is done deliberately, because it is the buyer who asks to be able to keep certain pieces of furniture. In other cases, it may happen that sellers forget to take something with them, even a high-value item.

In the United States, a television program that has become popular allows you to buy warehouses and take possession of everything in them. Sometimes you can be lucky and find items that are worth more than the local purchased, in other cases it can also happen that you find nothing.

The man in this story bought a place and found newspapers there worth 75,000 pounds sterling (85,000 euros) .

Storage Wars on A&E/Facebook

Dave Hester rose to fame with a show called “Storage Wars”, in which warehouses and everything in them are sold. Often, these premises contain real treasures, objects of the highest value. The good, more often than not, is bought mainly to find out what it hides.

The presenter of the show decided to buy a warehouse worth £600 (about €680) for himself , but when he went inside he discovered that a huge amount old newspapers were stored there.

Storage Wars on A&E/Facebook

Faced with all these newspapers, Dave was amazed, then he started leafing through them and realized that they were not just newspapers, but that they all had one thing in common, it was publications on one of the greatest American singers: Elvis Presley .

“Obviously someone bought a bunch of newspapers. Whoever chose to buy them wanted to celebrate the great Elvis.”

Storage Wars on A&E/Facebook

Dave, having realized that these newspapers could be worth a lot, thought of selling them online. So he decided to advertise on eBay, and charge £12 for each newspaper. In total, he won 75,000 pounds sterling (about 85,000 euros). A considerable sum, which not only allowed him to fully recover the costs of buying the premises, but above all, he managed to earn a lot of money in this way.

Have you ever found a precious and valuable item inside a property you purchased?

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