He Buys A Warehouse At Auction For Less Than €500, He Finds 7 Million Inside, But Decides To Return Them.

Waking up and finding out you’re a millionaire is something that doesn’t happen to everyone. Each of us, at least once in our life, imagined getting rich, but it was just a fleeting fantasy that only lasted a few seconds. For an anonymous gentleman, on the other hand, he actually happened to buy a warehouse at auction and find so much money there that he became rich. Too bad, however, that even for him the dream was very short-lived.

The story was made public by Dan Dotson on his social media. The presenter of the TV show, in which real estate is bought at auction, got to know all the details of this case at a charity event. The incident seemed so unbelievable to him that he couldn’t help but recount it.

The man had decided to participate in an auction to buy a warehouse. Finally, without too much effort, he managed to get it, for the sum of around 460 euros. A truly derisory sum, compared to what fate had in store for him. When he went to the property to inspect it and inquire about its interior condition, he noticed an open safe. The man, driven by curiosity, approached it and discovered its contents. Inside this safe were approximately 7 million euros .

Faced with such a discovery, we can only rejoice. The man’s joy was short-lived, however, as soon after he was contacted by the former owners’ lawyers for the return of the money. But fortunately, fate did not completely turn its back on him. In exchange for the return of the money, he received approximately one million euros . Sometimes honesty pays off, like in this case. The man chose, rather than appropriating the discovery, to return the money to its owners. The latter appreciated the gesture and decided to reward him.

Dan wanted to tell this story, because he does not understand how it is possible to forget such a sum in an abandoned warehouse.

Luck is a spinning wheel, but it usually doesn’t look anyone in the face. And even, this gentleman was deceived by fate. One moment he was a millionaire, the next moment he found out he wasn’t. However, he cannot complain, because the amount he has received will still allow him to live more than decently. Would you have acted the same way?

source – https://www.facebook.com/DanAndLauraDotson

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