Do you believe in the therapeutic effect of a haircut? It is said that treating yourself to a new look not only changes the appearance but also the inner energy, so to speak. It is also said to have more effect on a woman’s state of mind than a man’s. Whatever your personal experience, some haircuts objectively improve the external appearance: here are, for example, 30 men’s haircuts that have provided better results than a cosmetic procedure !

#1. My hairdresser is a hero!

# 2. After 11 years of dread…

# 3. A homeless becomes a hipster!


#4. A new person!

#5. I cut my hair but at least it will go to a good cause!

#6. Before and after a successful cut.

#7. Before and after!

# 8. A real transformation!

# 9. Come on, a good cut to all that!

#10. Are you still convinced that a haircut doesn’t make a big difference?

#11. This young man has worn long hair since he was 14 years old: today he cut his hair and decided to donate it.

#12. The hair was donated for a worthy cause!

# 13. This is how you can look more beautiful without undergoing cosmetic procedures.

#14. Spring Makeover.

#15. After a barber gave him a free cut, another life began for this man!

#16. A great makeover!

# 17. Is it better long or short? You be the judge!

#18. Haircut and beard.

#19. A remarkable difference!

#20. Truly amazing.

# 21. The best thing he could have done…

#22. Now he will be a heartbreaker!

#23. This guy made a gesture of love for his girlfriend.

#24. I cut my hair for the first time after 6 years.

# 25. A few hours later…

#26. This man also decided to donate his hair.

#27. Here are the powers of a beard and haircut.

#28. Amazing!

#29. Long to Short!

# 30. Much better, don’t you think?

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