31 Photos That Prove That Gray Hair Can Look Spectacular.

These women decided to stop hiding their gray hair and show it off in an incredible way.
It all started three years ago, when a woman walked into Jack Martin’s salon and told him that she had dyed her gray hair brown at home every 3-4 weeks for years.

This woman didn’t want to worry about her hair color so often. Jack accepted the challenge and immediately began brainstorming solutions to what his client was asking of him.

Ultimately, they both decided that they would dye their client’s hair silver, which would give it a slightly brighter natural gray hue, allowing the woman to have a more permanent look.

When Martin finished the job, the client was delighted with the result. Jack decided to share his transformation on Instagram, it went viral and attracted dozens of clients to the beauty salon located in California.

The freedom that comes with such an impressive makeover is truly alluring, not to mention the powerful emotions that go with wearing natural gray hair. To achieve these impressive changes, Martin does a ten hour session.

The process begins with the use of a color extractor to remove any remaining artificial color. Then, while he keeps the gray roots, Martin bleaches the rest of the hair to prepare the hair for the new silver color.

Martin then bases the new color on the hair’s natural gray pattern. The best results are when clients come with a few inches of their gray roots grown out so that Jack can analyze the natural color of his hair.

“Some clients have mostly salt and pepper on the front and the back is darker, so I combine that and add a little bit of darkness to it,” Martin said. And so, about ten hours later, clients leave your salon enjoying the combination of their natural shade.

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