Granny Wears Her Wedding Dress Again To Celebrate 70 Years Of Marriage With Her Husband

Few people meet the love of their life at 16 years of age, few have the fortune to do so and tell the story so many years later. Nancy Lubbers fell in love with Melvin at a skating rink when they were both very young, he was 20 at the time but the chemistry was instant and they married a year after they met.

In 1952, when they were just 17 and 21 years old respectively, the couple from South Dakota began their epic love story. Without a skin moon due to the Korean War, the two had to be separated for almost 8 months when Melvin was called up to the army.

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Seven decades later and with the promise of their vows intact, Melvin and Nancy have five children, 12 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchildren and a lifetime of memories and anecdotes about the family they have formed.

Instagram: @anna.behning

On the occasion of their anniversary, both wanted to celebrate it in a different and meaningful way, they took advantage of the talent of their youngest granddaughter, Ana, who works as a professional wedding photographer and they decided to celebrate so many years together with a photo session in the family garden and some special outfits for the occasion.

“My grandparents only have a couple of photos from their wedding day. I came up with the idea to take pictures of Grandma in her dress and then my mom, Melissa, found Grandpa’s Korean War Army outfit for me to wear.”

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As if it were the day they tied the knot, Melvin and Nancy posed as in love as ever, adding yet another memory to the long list they have from the moment they met until their 70th anniversary.

“My dress was something special and I loved it so I kept it and kept it all these years. It felt great to wear it again and we had fun reminiscing about our wedding day,” said Nancy.

Instagram: @anna.behning

According to information shared by People, Nancy originally bought her dress for around $35 and her veil for $15. When she was asked how she felt about wearing her dress again, Nancy said, “It really was an honor that I was still able to wear it.”

When Melvin returned from the war, they both started their family, she working in a grocery store and he as a salesman, as well as keeping a farm in his spare time.

Instagram: @anna.behning

After 70 years of marriage, many have asked them the magic formula to be happy and have a relationship like theirs, so they shared their experience: «You will not always agree, sometimes you have a disagreement, but when you have one of those, you sit down and talk about it and find an answer, and once it’s resolved, you don’t bring it up again,” Melvin said.

Finally, and as a great piece of advice, Nancy commented: “Always respect each other, even when you disagree. Just make the best of your life.”

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