Granny Prefers To Travel The World Than Take Care Of Her Grandchildren, They Call Her Selfish In Networks.

This granny is going around the world, both physically and virally because of her attitude.

Is it up to grandmothers to take care of grandchildren? Depends. For many people it is not an option, for others it is a luxury, since they never see them, which is why it totally depends on the situation. Grandparents, in our current society, can become our source of help, inspiration, wisdom and many things. However, what if they refuse to be any other things? This is the case of Josefa Feitosa.

The grandmother decided to leave her native country, Brazil, to visit the most interesting places in the world and thus showed us that it is never too late to fulfill our dreams.

With the faithful company of her backpack, Josefa Feitosa uses social networks to remind women that, despite the fact that they may already feel in their last years, there is still a lot to live for and that does not mean that they are bad women. .

In 2016 this traveling granny began her journey. She left her job as a social worker in the Caera prison system, in Brazil, a job that can be very routine and that, when her retirement came, Josefa felt how she was freed from a burden that she had for years.

When her retirement arrived, Mrs. Feitosa emphatically chose to sell all her belongings. Her house, her furniture, clothes and appliances were sold in order to travel. Today, all of her belongings fit in one suitcase.

“There’s a lot of life outside of that box they call ‘home.’ One does not become a grandmother to take care of her grandchildren ” She testifies before the BBC in Brazil.

To this day, the retired grandmother  has visited more than 40 countries  between Europe, Asia, Africa and America, we can see all this  on her Instagram profile  where she keeps track of her memories. For many older women, Josefa has become her hero and they applaud her bravery in refusing to be a tool of her family, as many have done without her opinion being asked. .

This case has been so talked about all over the world that even specialists in human development have supported it. Confirming that the exact point is in balance of personal life and the important task of caring for their offspring.

For them, respecting the elderly is something very important for full development, which is why it is essential that their decisions be respected, as long as they do not affect third parties and they do not burden their hands with the care of others.

What do you think about Josefa’s attitude? Would you follow in her footsteps if you could? Let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to share this note with your friends and let them tell us if they support this amazing granny.

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