Granny Learns To Read And Write At 104 Years Old

There is no age limit to learn.

In India , an amazing story starring Kuttiyamma , a 104-year-old woman who learned to read and write, was released. Despite her advanced age and other limitations, she demonstrated an extraordinary capacity for learning and surprised not only her teachers but her entire community.

According to The Indian Express , Kuttiyamma had never been to school. Therefore, his teaching began after reaching the century of life and he verified that he tried hard because in his exam he obtained 89 points out of 100.

The woman enrolled in a course equivalent to primary education in the city of Kottayam . She there she not only learned to read and write; she was also taught mathematics and in the same way, she obtained the maximum result in the exam.

Despite her advanced age and health problems, for Kuttiyamma they did not mean an impediment to study. The woman has vision and hearing problems but she did her best. Rehna John , the old woman’s neighbor and teacher, mentioned that she had to speak louder to make him listen and understand. She also noted the incredible willpower and enthusiasm of Kuttiyamma, who would arrive early to class and wait with her books ready for her teacher.

For his part, Vasudevan Sivankutty , the Minister of Education of the state of Kerala, showed his respect and admiration for Kuttiyamma. « Age is not a barrier to enter the world of knowledge »He expressed.

Kuttiyamma was finally able to fulfill her dream of learning to read and write. But not only that, because he did it in an excellent way, reaching high grades and inspiring others to not give up and continue learning. In addition, her story went viral on social networks where many users have congratulated the woman and applauded her commitment.

Vida de Kuttiyamma.

Like many women in India, Kuttiyamma married at the age of 16 . She then had to dedicate herself completely to her family and raise her 5 children. In this way, the idea of ​​receiving basic education from her seemed distant, even after the death of her husband in 2002.

However, it was thanks to his grandchildren that the idea resurfaced within him. Kuttiyamma would sit next to them and watch them study, trying to learn something. But her books were in English and she only speaks Malayalam.

Fortunately, some time later she came across an apprenticeship program promoted by the Kerala government and decided to enroll. After several months of hard work, she took a knowledge test and got good grades, especially in math.

It should be noted that Kuttiyamma worked in a vegetable shop in her youth, so she is quite good with numbers and calculations. Also, her favorite subject is math.

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