Granny Delivers Her Grandson At The Altar And Captivates The Hearts Of Thousands: “They Should Be Eternal”

When you get married, one of the things you want most is for your father or a loved one to accompany you when you walk down the aisle and for those important people in your life to also be there.

TikTok is a social network where many have taken the opportunity to share emotional moments that would not be publicized if it weren’t for the platform. How many marriage proposals, graduations, weddings, birthdays or Christmas have been published and gone viral? Those are the special moments that people want to see and comment on.

In this case, the story of a granny was able to reach thousands of people due to the emotional scene that was shown in a video, it turns out that an adorable granny accompanied her grandson on the most important day for him and his entire family, because it was she who led him down the aisle.

The reaction of the users on the Internet was swift and they immediately began to comment on it. The publication was made known by Studio 28, an account that is dedicated to collecting different photographic and audiovisual works.

TikTok: @studio28

In the clip you can see a young man about to get married and he goes hand in hand with his grandmother. They both look very happy, being together, the lady was smiling all the way, blowing kisses and greeting those present.

“The love of a grandmother is what we need in our lives, in our childhood, in our best moments, that grandmothers are eternal, we ask God,” they wrote in the description of the video.

The beautiful video has more than two million views, just over 100,000 “likes” and almost two thousand comments, where everyone was extremely moved to see her instead of her mother. This implying that she is very important in her life.

“The most beautiful video I’ve seen and here casually crying, and if grandparents should be eternal,” they commented. “She is so beautiful, a beautiful little angel who is walking,” wrote another user. “The most beautiful thing is that we all wanted to have such special occasions”, it can be read.

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